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High-End Retouching

Nowadays, Fashion, Wedding, and Portrait Photographers who capture photos of models and clients are also good at post-processing the images. But, it would be difficult for a photographer to handle both the works successively when clients require them in quick turnaround time.

It would also cause great stress as well when you have another session the next day, and also prevents you from enjoying and moving to night parties. So, Outsourcing photo editing services to Mandlis Informatics can relieve you from editing tasks and gets you the freedom to concentrate on your core task.

me of the High-End Retouching services that we offer:

  • Removal of Stray Hairs
  • Contrast Adjustment
  • Expert Skin Toning
  • Eye Enhancement
  • Smoothening of the Skin
  • Dodge and Burn Effect
  • Unwanted Spots Removal
  • Toning of Hair
  • Shining effects on the Hair
  • Color Enhancement and Correction