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Product Photo Editing

At current and busy working world, online shopping/purchasing is most trending as people can look for any products on their smart device, with product variety and choices offered from various online retailers. Further, when most users present online for shopping, the first impression of a customer would originate from the photograph of a product. What would happen when the product photos aren’t of good quality? Obviously, the consumer would refuse to further act and seek for other similar products. Hence, it is significant for online retailers/sellers and product photographers to ensure enhanced images are added on the e-commerce websites to prevent users from bouncing on other products.

Improvised high-quality images can trigger from expert product photo retouching. At Mandlis Informatics, experienced product photo editors perform the editing by effective features added onto your photos, which makes it quite appealing to the customers. We are currently offering product editing in various product dimensions like food, fashion, jewelry, advertising photography, and also which are connected to online purchasing.

Some of the e-commerce product photo editing that we offer:

  • Background Removal and Changing
  • Color correction and retouching
  • Adding of shadows (Drop and Natural Shadow)
  • Clipping Path and Ghost Mannequin
  • Photo resizing