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Back office BPO services

Back office management is one of the crucial element which impact in growth of business. In an esteemed business empire segregation of high volume data on daily basis is a tedious process. These data may be acquired during various transactional processes like registration, order completions, applications processing, billing and many more.
MANDLI'S informatics finds effective solutions by providing high quality back office BPO services that impact in the process of enhancing business efficiency.

Our primary priority is focused on enhancing your delivery services that meet industrial quality and security standards.

Our domain specific BPO services are:

  • Catalog Management
  • Accounting Data entry
  • Data Mining
  • Data Entry
  • Data Management
  • Transaction Processing & Management Services
  • Billing and services
  • Purchase order processing services
  • Data conversion and document digitization
  • Document indexing and archiving services
  • Application processing
  • Database management OCR services
  • Retail and eCommerce

We also take up back office outsourcing services for industries like:

  • Finance
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing & chemical
  • Travel and hospitality
  • Media and entertainment
  • Utilities
  • Logistics and customs brokerage