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Data Entry Services

In this competitive business era product promotion and services plays a major role in achieving a top business rank. Data entry services help in reaching business goals with much ease. Mandli Informatics offers high quality data entry services which help you in leverage of your business.

Mandlis Informatics, a reliable BPO service provider, delivering various data entry services. As a Data Entry Company from India, we ease your business processes by providing suitable types of data entries at the right time and affordable cost. Your requirements might be of any kind like to digitize the documents, record indexing, manual data entering or anything other. Our data entry outsourcing company is ready to coordinate with you, know your exact needs and deliver the accurate data entered as per your requirement. Our primary goal as a data entry service provider is to be a good partner by delivering the exact necessities which the clients expect.

We are currently a new entrant as a data entry outsourcing company. Our growth in business certainly would be from the delivery of your data entry projects. Our secondary goal as a start-up is to offer the best of online data entry services to the outsourcing clients at an affordable price. We utilize the best technologies like OCR and ICR for data entry solutions. Our vision is to undertake data entry work services of global clients to reduce the complexities in their business operations and for being productive as an enterprise with well-maintained data. We are currently looking for clients globally who require data entry outsourcing.

Data Entry Outsourcing Services that we offer

Logistics Data Entry

Managing logistics is a vast process and can sometimes be difficult to handle each of them simultaneously. In order to make a supply chain run in a smooth flow, there must be an effective operation process in the organization. In today’s technological world; all information about transactions, freights, distances traveled by vehicles, and other databases are stored digitally. Also, this process is more critically important for an organization to know its cost incurred, total revenue and the profits earned by the logistics enterprise. What logistics data entry service providers do is enter your transaction data in an organized way, so that it will be easy for your organization to analyze further and make significant decisions on improving the enterprise. Few of the advantages of outsourcing data entry is it allows you to focus on your core-activities, be a consistent player in a competitive market, and cost-cutting. So, getting on touch with a logistic data entry service provider can be beneficial for your organization. Outsource logistics data entry to Mandlis Informatics a data entry service provider from India. Our data entry experts will provide you with accuracy, in an organized way as per your need, and also offering cost-effective logistics data entry. The logistics data entry services which we offer are
  • Transport data entry service
  • Purchasing order data entry
  • Transport bill invoice processing service
  • Driver’s log data entry
  • Image Data Entry

    Mandlis Informatics, an image data entry service provider, effectively captures the data from the scanned images and organize it in a required format of your choice within a short period of time, at the top-notch quality, and affordable price. Our professional data entry experts have abilities to handle a large number of images, implement it in a required database format, and also ensuring the delivery is made on the right time. Also, our data entry specialists accept your images in any format including TIFF, GIF, PSD, JPEG, PDF, BMP, and RIF.

    Our wide ranges of image data entry services that we offer are:

    • Keying Image
    • Image to word data entry
    • Image to Excel data entry
    • Entering data through scanned images and documents
    • Entry data from the image catalog
    • Taking data from the image
    • Image conversion
    • Data entry from cards, directories, cheques, and many more

    Ebook Data Entry

    The trends of eBook have drastically changed in the past years as it provides more convenience to learn several facts from various electronic devices. At Mandlis informatics, our data entry experts convert the contents which were written in books, catalogs, articles, brochures or any journals into a professionally formatted eBook. Also, we do convert contents in any language. If you’re considering to have your book converted into an eBook then we can do them in required format of your choice. For Example, HTML, in PDF, or Microsoft Word format. As an eBook data entry service provider, our aim is to deliver what you’re exactly expecting.

    Some of the different services that we offer for eBook data entry are:

    • Design for eBook
    • Editing eBook
    • Formatting of eBook
    • EBook conversion
    • Fixed-Layout eBook

    Product Data Entry

    Today’s world is all about online retail and many customers prefer e-commerce since it is most convenient to choose your product and get delivered at home. Enterprises including start-ups are selling their premium products through online retailing to attract customers and get maximum reach. When targeting your intended customers, they cannot afford something which is not described accurately about the product. Also, the online market is also a purely competitive market. So, an enterprise must be little creative in the product description as well. If you’re not specialized in this type of activities, Mandlis Informatics, as a product data entry service provider, can deliver you the product data entry in right and creative way which is done our expert data entry specialists.

    The various services that we offer for e-commerce product data entry are:

    • Product Description Entry Service
    • Product data uploading service
    • Updating Product information
    • Addition, deletion of the Products
    • Adding image and price for the product
    • The arrangement of the products in the category wise

    Document Data Entry

    Digitization of various organization’s data is important to analyze the information, for operations to run in an effective way, and also to make formal decisions. Working with all these processes and also focusing on your core-activities can be a tedious task. So, outsourcing document data entry can be a problem solver. Mandlis informatics, as a document data entry service provider from India, performs all the document data entry activities of your scanned documents in required formats to add value to your business. We also utilize technologies like OCR and ICR to identify the characters and to be accurate while entering the data. We basically being a BPO service provider, client satisfaction is our core priority. So, first, we understand our client’s requirement accurately and then perform the services as per the need.

    We offer different document data entry services. Some of them are:

    • Legal Documents Entry
    • Medical Data Entry
    • Transcript Data Entry
    • Invoice Entry Service
    • Accounting Data Entry

    We undertake Data Entry Services that may be classified as:

    • Image Data Entry
    • Spreadsheet Data Entry
    • eCommerce Product Data Entry
    • Remote Data Entry
    • Textual Data Entry

    Mandlis Informatics features quality data entry services:

    • Product Data Entry
    • Accounting Data Entry
    • Data capturing & entering
    • Online data entry
    • Data mining & data entry
    • Insurance claims data entry
    • Numeric & text data entry
    • Mailing list compilation
    • Database data entry
    • Logistics data entry

    Achieve your business goals with extensive and standard data entry services at Mandli Informatics.