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Finance and Accounting Outsourcing Services

In this competitive business world it’s a challenging task to maintain standard position. Finance and Accounting is one of the crucial part of business. In MNR Informatics, we assist you in maintaining cash flow, accurate accounting and compliance with industrial standard regulations.
Helping you in achieving financial stability

With extensive experience in F&A BPO service we work on areas like procurement and supply chain i.e. Procure-to-Pay and Order-to-Cash process, Collections and Receivables, General Accounting, Record-to-Report and Financial Planning & Analysis and lot more.

Our service aid in improving financial stability by assisting in easy cash flow management, quality collections, scaled downed reconciliation efforts, improved Receivables, apt reporting, leveraged revenue cycles and other process that help in boosting up your business.End-to-end Financial and Accounting services. We provide systematic services that meet all your requirements.

Procure to Pay Services

Accounts Payable

Having an effective account payable process in an organization can make managing of working capital and cash flows easier, build strong relationships with the vendors, also identifies the critical areas where you can save the cost and moreover, increasing stability in the enterprise. Mandlis Informatics is a growing BPO service provider who manages all the business account payable functions. We offer fast and efficient account payable services, which enable an enterprise to effectively streamline the cash flows and make pertinent decisions based on data further. We are now one of the most competent accounts payable outsourcing companies since 1-year, delivering end-to-end account payable services to our clients.

Services which we deliver in Account Payable are:

  • Sourcing
    1. Vendor Management
    2. Negotiating & Contracting
    3. Day-to-day Purchasing
    4. Catalog Management
    5. Requisition Management
    6. PO Processing & Help desk
    7. P Card Administration
    8. Master Data Management that include Vendor, Item, and Material Master Maintenance

  • Reporting
    1. Cost Saving Tracking
    2. Contract and Regulatory Compliance
    3. Month-end Accruals and Reporting
  • 4. Spend Analytics
  • Invoice Processing & Help desk
    1. Scanning, Indexing and Coding
    2. E-invoicing
    3. Invoice Posting
    4. Refund Claims
    5. Employee Claim
    6. Vendor Help desk
    7. Payment Run
    8. Disbursement
    9. Discounting
    10. Month-end Accruals and Taxation
    11. Withholding Taxes

Order to Cash

Account Receivable

Mandlis Informatics account receivable services would enable customers to easily deal with the financial functions, impacting the cash flows which are essential for building a strong business.
Our account receivable outsourcing services can trigger faster payments and improvised cash flows. We deliver a wide range of services to global clients with options given either to work in all of the account receivable functions or part of it. Also, outsourcing account receivable services to Mandlis Informatics can bring down the costs, optimized order to cash processes, and the ability to make critical decisions with accurate and organized data.

Some of the account receivable services that we offer are:

  • Contract & Order Management and Customer Master
    1. Contract Preparation & Compliance
    2. Catalog Management
    3. Order Entry, Review and Release
    4. Order Tracking & Validation
    5. Distribution Coordination
    6. Inventory Management
    7. Customer Database Management

  • Credit Control and Invoicing
    1. Credit Analysis and Review
    2. Credit Appraisal and Credit Limit Management
    3. Billing & Invoice Adjustment
    4. Discounts & Allowances
    5. Tax Accounting

  • Reporting/Analysis
    1. Sales Trend Analysis
    2. Revenue Forecasts
    3. Cash Management
    4. Budgeting and Planning
    5. Month-end Reporting
  • Accounting Receivable and Collections
    1. Collection Processing
    2. Collection Applications
    3. Unallocated Payments and Exceptions Handling
    4. Collection Reconciliation
    5. Bank Liaison
    6. Discounts
    7. Loyalty Program Management
    8. Dunning Letters & Payment Follow-up
    9. DSO Management
    10. Bad Debts Provisioning
    11. Legal Coordination for Recovery Proceeding
    12. Collection Reporting & Analysis

Record to Report

To know the company’s business performance, there must be an effective record to report management system. Further, various enterprises are looking to optimize the costs for financial and accounting functions as well. The CFO’s prime focus areas in the business would be to comply with regulatory norms and to uplift the capability in the financial division for keeping up the pace on with dynamic market surroundings. Mandlis Informatics being a competent financial and accounting service provider from past 1-year is providing an effective end-to-end record to report services to global clients. By outsourcing your record to report necessities to us, you can focus on the rest of your key areas, and be productive as an enterprise in all dimensions. As a BPO service provider, our goal is to deliver the financial services with accuracy which would satisfy all your requirements.

Record to Report services which Mandlis Informatics offers

  • General Ledger Accounting
    1. Journal Entries
    2. Reclassification
    3. Pre-payment and Adjustments Entries
    4. Period End Accrual Entries
    5. Inter company Transactions Accounting
    6. Reconciliations

  • Treasury
    1. Cash Management & Forecasting
    2. Bank Reconciliations
    3. Analysis and Reporting for Hedging
    4. Debt Management and Reporting
    Other Services
    1. Financial Planning and Analysis
    2. Management Reporting
    3. Budgeting and Analysis
    4. XBRL Tagging & Filing
  • Period Closing & Reporting
    1. Reconcile and Close Sub-ledgers
    2. Review Accruals
    3. Foreign Exchange Revaluation Run
    4. Tally Inter-company
    5. Post Final Adjustment Journal Entries
    6. Trial Balance Generation
    7. Release Periodic Income Statements and Balance Sheet
    8. Statutory Reporting
    9. On demand/One-off Reports
    10. Income Tax Filings, Handling Compliances and Accounting

  • Fixed Assets
    1. Recording of Additions, Disposals, Sale and Transfers
    2. Review & Capitalize Work in progress
    3. Depreciation Run and Posting