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Supply Chain Management

At Mandlis Informatics, we provide the effective supply chain services which will drive more value to your business. Outsourcing supply chain management services to BPO provider can considerably save your operational cost and increase Rate of Investment (ROI).

Our aim as a supply chain solutions provider is to deliver consistent services to you with our reliable human resources and to maintain the quality of your materials/finished goods when in transit or warehouse with our innovative and reliable administration.

“Our long-term goal is to be a leading supply chain solutions provider by implementing advanced technologies that will improvise efficiency of the supply chain processes.”

Some of the services which we would like to offer for supply chain:

  • Well-Integrated information service of the supply chain activities.
  • Reliable supply chain tracking facilities, starting from B2B (internal) to B2C (External).
  • Maintaining good communication and relationship with all the stakeholders, which can gain you a competitive advantage.
  • Effective Management of the flow of raw materials, the activities which are done by each stakeholder, and the end-product until it goes to the final consumer.
  • Overall, integration and tracking of all the supply chain activities are our core-priority.